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  Premanjali, as the name suggests, is a haven where love is offered to all who seek peace, meaning and healing. It is a place where individuals discover the joy of their being and inner resources to build self-confidence to face challenges of life in new and creative ways.

Premanjali is where relationships are healed and new, creative ways offered to strengthen them.

Premanjali is where parents learn to be better parents by providing a supportive, growth-enhancing and love-filled environment for their children to grow and discover their full potential to face challenges in the world with courage and confidence.

It is a place where teenagers and parents are able discover their relationship in new ways with better understanding of each other and teenagers are empowered to grow into adults of tomorrow with love and care.

It is a haven where a family discovers the joy of being together and relishes the gift of each other to enrich oneself in ways that are mutually nourishing in an atmosphere of love and freedom.

Dr. Anthony J. D'Souza
Director, Premanjali Counselling Services